– Email:
– Phone: 07786567766
– Twitter : @AnnabellaHecate

Preffered Method of contact by Email, This way I can take the time to look over and read your request, to plan our session accordingly to suit your requirements.

My Working Hours are Tuesday and Thursday 11.30am – 3.00pm, I can cater other days on request, for returning Clients.

If you would like to book a session with Myself,please use one of the contact methods I have provided above,and please make sure to give me as much information as possible on your interests, Limits, Session requirements and medical problems I should be made aware of. So that we can then discuss a session plan that is best suited to you.


Contact My self Respectfully, Introducing yourself, and your session requirments.
We then arrange a Date and Time that suits us both.
A Deposit is required of £50 for a 1 hour session, £100 for 2 hour session and so on.
Once the Deposit has been confirmed, your session slot is officially booked in, and I will send over location details.
you must confirm 24 hours before our session to let me know if you will be attending if so I then require you too again confirm with me at 9 am on the morning of our session.